The Bipolar Numbers are NOT our Bipolar

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Are you Bipolar One

Or Bipolar two?

They are just making this shit up people!

Okay no, they are not pulling it out of nowhere.  They do research and stuff and are just trying to figure out how to categorize us and treat us.

But that is all.  Those numbers are just little storage bins they sort us (unique, different, varied us) into and it helps them figure out what to do with us.  There are no Bipolar rules.

Those numbers are not our names.  They do not identify us.  They don’t even really truly describe our own unique Bipolar.  Those little 1s and 2s are JUST numbers.

It can can be very tempting to try very hard to accurately categorize ourselves so we can feel like we own our Bipolar somehow. We want it contained. We want to fit.  We want to feel like there is some control of it and like the doctors have it all figured out.

They don’t.  They are just TRYING to figure it out.

And here is a little secret for you if you have only been to one Pdoc….

They all say DIFFERENT shit.

One Pdoc’s Bipolar 1 is another Pdoc’s Bipolar 2 and vice versa.

Some of us just get the pensive stare and the hem and hah, mutter a little, and then they toss one out… eeny meeny miny moe…..

By the way…they don’t just have different “opinions” (yes that is what they are, educated OPINIONS) about  which number you get to stamp on your Bipolar little hand but also about everything else.

One Pdoc’s psychosis is another Pdoc’s manic delusion and vice versa

One Pdoc’s hypomania is another Pdoc’s mania and vice versa

etc etc etc. You get the picture.

This makes it so hard to hang your hat on something solid and feel at home in your new diagnosis.

Here is the thing though, if you are spending a substantial amount of precious brain power trying to figure out if you are Bipolar 1 or 2….

then you can be VERY sure that you belong in our club. And for right now they call our club “Bipolar.” Which is not an accurate name but it doesn’t really matter that much as they will change it some day.  They already have.

So welcome to Club Bipolar!   Do you want to sit in the #1’s section or the #2’s section?

It doesn’t really matter though as most of us can’t sit still anyway!

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