We Hate it When They Say it Part 1

I say it is part 1 because there are so many of these and I can’t write a book per post. So let’s take it one at a time. I will say the thing that we hate and then I will respond.

Well Meaning Individual blithely says….

What is “normal” anyway? No one is “normal.” I wouldn’t call myself “normal” …laugh chuckle sniff

Um excuse me?

You don’t know what normal is because you ARE normal.

You might not know what normal is but I sure as hell know what it is not.

When you say no one is normal what you mean is that no one is the SAME. Big difference.

What you mean is that everyone has their own little quirks and demons and baggage. That IS normal. It IS normal to be a unique individual with unique issues.

I am that too.

But you know what? I am also Bipolar.

And you wanna know what is not normal….do you even want to know?

I’ll keep it light so it doesn’t disturb you.

Having to leave a friend’s wedding before they cut the cake because you have to go home and get to sleep so you don’t get thrown off into an episode of mania or depression.

not normal

Crying ALL day about NOTHING….

not normal

Living in terror because you are afraid there is Evil in your house…


Having to decide whether or not to go to the ER because you are afraid of your own brain….


Back me up Merriam-Webster…

Normal adjective
“: usual or ordinary : not strange
: mentally and physically healthy”

Now did any of the above examples strike you as usual, ordinary, and not strange?
Did it sound like a good example of being mentally healthy?

It is usual and ordinary for everyone to be unique. It is normal to be unique. It is not normal to be Bipolar. Only a small percentage of the population is Bipolar. So we cannot be usual or ordinary or normal just as a matter of fact.

I am not putting Bipolar people down when I say that we aren’t normal. I am doing the opposite. Respect us. Give us some credit and acknowledgement.

Don’t invalidate our serious disorder and suffering by equating it to your (within the realm of the ordinary) quirks and neuroses.

Realize that you don’t understand us and be grateful for that!

Well, if you still want to insist that YOU are not normal, at least remember that…

I am SO not normal that it is CRAZY!

(laugh chuckle sniff)

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