“Haldol and Hyacinths” Melody Moezzi is cooool

Melody Moezzi is super cool.  I mean,  she introduced me to the word “shitastic”.  Come on now.  That’s pretty cool.  And she was using it to describe a manic idea as a….. shitastic idea.  Love it.  We’ve all had a few of those……

She is a writer, activist, attorney, and author.  Her book, “Haldol and Hyacinths” is fantastic. (Not shitastic.)

The book is raw and powerful and funny and yes very entertaining.  She tells her story with an empowered honesty.  Melody is driven and emphatic and her energy is a touch contagious.

You can click here and the magic of the internet will poof you over to her page.

But wait! There’s more.  She has a blog series called “A Saner Spin on Crazy.”

If you read her book you will see that she has really been through it.  She is legit Bipolar. The real deal.  A fighter through and through.  So when she is telling you these things you can rest assured that she has been all the way down and alllllllllllllllllllllll the way up.  You can trust her.  There are tons of episodes.  If you’re not really sleeping lately go ahead and watch them all.  I added one here.


P.S. I do not know her and she does not know me.

PPS. If you can ever get a non bipolar loved one to read and watch books and things like this that might be a big help.



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  1. Ho

    Thank you for referring to me to this. I started off my day reading a self-help book on manic depression and I was feeling determined that if I put in consistent efforts to handle this, I would naturally overcome it (not exactly fully recover, but rather, change my frame of my mind about dealing with manic depression). Coincidently, the first post I see on Monday morning, is to assist me in improving my well-being.

    Really thankful that things like this kicks my Monday Blues at work!


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