Why am I doing this?

Why am I saying these things?  Why bring it up?  Why put it out there?

Many brave brave Bipolar bloggers out there…telling their stories…

There are people out on Facebook…trying to come out…coming out…telling their stories

Why are they doing it?

What does one more little voice, one more little story matter in the grand scheme of things.

It means everything

To those of you sharing your story with anyone in anyway…

just remember that you never know when you may save a life.

We get our diagnoses after enduring great suffering

Most of us do not know anyone else with Bipolar disorder.

We are alone in a room where we are ashamed to be and we can’t get out

far away from everywhere else

and everyone else

and everything else we ever knew

hearing that even one other human on the planet knows what you are going through


makes all the difference

Why am I doing this?

Why does it matter?


Because there are people who need to hear it…..

I want all of you to know that I keep hearing it from people

Keep hearing that it matters

There are lots of us

We don’t get a lot of breaks

We are a very crushed group of people

crushed by illness

crushed by stigma

crushed by the lack of understanding

crushed by the system

crushed by the unhelpful help everyone tries to shove down our throats

we are here

we deserve more

we have voices

our voices are not disordered

So everyone out there telling your story, telling it like it is, putting it all out there, trying to defeat stigma from your own tiny corner of the universe….

Keep on keeping on!

We might not change the way the world sees us…right now…

But I believe that for now we can at least change the way that


see us.

and that is a HUGE step


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