We are Here and we Deserve More

They call us “mentally ill”. If we raise our voices in concern and outrage and demand change and respect is anyone going to listen?

Or will we be dismissed outright because they think we are crazy.

The way a boyfriend may dismiss a girlfriend’s hurt feelings by asking if she is getting her period. Her point valid but discounted.


It is easier not to have to change and reevaluate long held beliefs that work in your favor…

Have other discriminated against, marginalized groups felt this way? Do they feel like their voice is discounted because people automatically believe that they are incapable of the kind of thinking and feeling that would validate their concerns and demands about the way they are portrayed and treated?

Like when women wanted the right to vote… A lot of people thought they were just a bunch of crazy bitches. Incapable of intellectual anything.

Do people actually understand that the mentally ill are just people too? That we are not a bunch of loonies. Hidden away in a secret place.  That we are the people they interact with everyday. That we are active members of society. That we get degrees and hold jobs and plan weddings and carpool and love others just the way other people do…

I once typed “Do bipolar people……..”  into a search engine and many awful things popped up but the one that I remember most clearly is…

“Do Bipolar people have feelings?”


They just don’t seem to get that we simply have an illness that requires treatment sometimes. Just like a lot of neurotypicals do.

But I bet nobody wonders if diabetics have feelings.

Just because they fear us doesn’t mean that we are scary.

“Those people”, ” the mentally ill”, We are just another “other”.

Another “them”. A them in hiding. So why should anyone listen to a bunch of crazies?

Those people want what?

Those people think they can actually do what?

We are always the underdog. It is always our word against their’s. And ours is discounted because we are labeled mentally ill. And because of the profound stigma attached to our label….because of the nature of our illness…because of the complete lack of understanding…

Even our purest truest voice will be tainted by society with a mistrust and a dismission…

Like a child would be dismissed….

Like someone who couldn’t think or speak rationally or reasonably would be dismissed….

Like the mentally ill would be dismissed….

Oh yeah….

That’s us.

We are feared and discounted.

Don’t ask don’t tell.

Maybe it works better for everyone like that…… ?

Would anyone actually come to a Bipolar Pride Parade?

Or would they be too afraid?

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