Our Brains are disordered not our Selves

We are Bipolar

we are supposedly disordered

our brains are disordered

not in order


a mess

like a room with everything strewn around

disordered brains

but that is just one thing

Our hearts are not disordered

our voices are not disordered

our love is not disordered

our minds are not disordered

our souls are not disordered

our compassion is not disordered

in fact we are gifted

we are gifted at empathy

we are gifted at expression

we are gifted at feeling

we are gifted at surviving

we are gifted at encouraging each other

we are generous of spirit

we are made of steel

We are Bipolar

It is a brain disorder

WE are not disordered

it is our brains

an organ

a disordered organ

an organ out of order

We are whole

we are ourselves




all around…

the wreckage and tumult of the disorder

we are and always will be

ourselves first

Bipolar is just bipolar

An abusive friend

but we still have ourselves underneath it all

for those of you who feel right now like that isn’t true….that your self is gone

just remember

it is your brain that is disordered


if you feel like your self is gone

it is because your disordered brain is telling you and making you feel that

you are in there somewhere

hold on


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