Genomind the GameChanger

I hope you are sitting down.

There exists in the world a new test that looks at genetic markers in order for the docs to better know how to medicate us.

For real.

It looks for a number of markers in the liver and in the brain.

It can show you how you metabolize different meds and help inform dosage.

It can show you if you are at greater risk for weight gain and other side effects with certain meds.

It can show you how certain meds effect your brain.

This will help cut down on the amount of trial and error currently involved in finding the right dosages and med combinations.

This will help cut down on the amount of side effects we suffer.

This will help cut down on the length of time it takes us to find relief from Bipolar Disorder.

Also, it can help your Pdoc form a plan for you. Custom plan.  Not just THE current advised generic plan.

For example, if the test reveals that you don’t respond well to antipsychotics and have a very high risk of side effects and wieght gain from them. Then your Pdoc will know that you should not be on APs longterm and that they should be used quickly and powerfully in emergencies and other meds are better for long term use.

Just an example.

It is a cheek swab! Called the Genecept Assay. They accept most insurance.

I know a certain amount of skepticism is natural with things like this.  If I just read about this on the internet I would be very skeptical.  But I did not.  My very qualified and amazing Pdoc gave me the test.  So, take that as you will.

It has been a great thing for me and I want to spread the message because we all deserve a break like this.

It IS possible for things to be better.

RUN  don’t walk to your Pdoc and say you want the test from Genomind.

By the way I get absolutely nothing from them.  They don’t know me.  I don’t know them.  Pure info sharing.


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  1. Leslie

    I just read this post 3 times. My mouth is hanging open and all I can think is SERIOUSLY????? This has to be some of the best news I have heard in a long long time. Have you received your results? Is it proving to be really truly useful?


  2. Sandra

    I have an appointment with my very terrific GP on Monday. This man is not a PDoc, but should be, and if it wasn’t for the whole “I need to see a PDoc in order to have such meds prescribed to me,” this fabulous GP would have had this shizzz figured out by now. But yes, I will totally be asking him about this.


    • bipolarfirst

      It is so cool that your GP seems to have his shit together. It just goes to show you that every RULE they tell you is not necessarily correct in every situation. Sometimes it may just be better to work with your GP.

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  3. Screaming Jean

    Jesus Christ on a bike carrying a loaf of bread. I just…… lost for words. All I can say is thank you, my only concern is that it seems over in the US you guys, despite still having trouble, are way ahead of us. At least what I’ve experienced. I’m going to look it up now for the UK and try and present it to my new psychologist Monday – no doubt with my luck await a post of many swear words and cursing. Not that I’m skeptical after how I’ve been treated or anything ha ha.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Screaming Jean

    Forgot to add on, after you had test results etc, how do you feel now with the results? Has a new medication plan been put in place for you given the result of your test?


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