Depression Limbo

How low can you go?

Remember doing the Limbo (or watching or whatever) and you try to go under the bar over and over again as people drop it lower and lower.  You try to go as low as you can without falling on your back. As you do this that silly Chubby Checker song taunts you with “How looooowwwwww can you gooooooo?”  And people tend to start chanting that at you “How low can you go how low can you go how low can you go?”

That is depression.

In case you have no idea what I am talking about or are up in the middle of the night pacing around, agitated, looking for a distraction you may watch this little bit of ridiculousness to hear the song and see the Limbo.  You lucky thing.

If you do watch the whole thing check out the chick on her back with the bar resting on beer bottles and….get this

the bar is on fire!

Tell me that’s not what Bipolar feels like!

Sometimes you’ve gotta laugh at this shit.

Yes, I am ridiculous but so is Bipolar.  So there.

(If you don’t have time but are just really intrigued by the fire girl go to minute 1:30.  Yes, I figured that out for you. See how much I care about you!)

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