Bipolar 2 is not LESS Bipolar

This one is part of a series.  It goes along with this one about Bipolar 1 and 2 (which contains my dorky little poem. You will love it:) and the one about hypomania and mania.

They are all intertwined.  They all feed into each other.

When people hear the word Bipolar 2 they automatically think this means less Bipolar somehow. Bipolar lite. This applies to us and to the nonBipolars.

It also seems to mean less crazy which is nice for those of us with a Bipolar 2 sticker because we can say “I have Bipolar disorder….no no don’t back away it is only Bipolar 2!”

But there is also this idea that Bipolar 2 is less severe of a disorder somehow.

People diagnosed with Bipolar 2 do not suffer less than those diagnosed with Bipolar 1.  They supposedly experience MORE depression.

When is more depression ever a good thing?

Um never.

And nowhere does it say Bipolar 2 means less severe depression.

As we said before the deciding factors are subjective and mostly based on the mania question.

So it basically just depends what your particular Pdoc’s idea of hypomania and functionality is.

You do not win the title of Bipolar 1 unless you have had a full fledged mania.

So if you have been spared that particular slice of Bipolar


Sorry sucker, you lose!

We all know that second place is just the first loser.

Although most of us would greatly prefer to be coded Bipolar 2.

Because, you know, it just sounds so much less crazy.

Bipolar 2 can sound like plain old vanilla depression with a twist.

A twist of hypo. Darling hypo

Because it used to be that you could be Bipolar 2 but the minute your “hypomania” got all mixed you had to change to Bipolar 1. Now they changed that and you’re allowed to have mixed episodes as a Bipolar 2. So I guess that means a bunch of people bounced all around diagnosisville.

Just writing Bipolar 1 and 2 over and over again feels so dumb.  So contrived.

Because it IS contrived.

This is like the most contrived stuff ever.

They have a 3 and cyclothymia and all of that too.  I’m not getting into that right now.

But wait there is more…

Everybody else got picked for a team and there are a couple of lost and confused looking kids standing on the field.

What are they?

Bipolar NOS of course!

or Not Otherwise Specified which may actually mean  “I don’t know what to do with you and I’ve got to wrap this appointment up.”

Just kidding.


no i’m not

So since the numbers are so ambiguous maybe the rest of us should just be called ….

Bipolar S

Because we are “specified”.

Or maybe we should be called…

Bipolar SOS

because it is really more accurate to say that we are Sort Of Specified.

Or maybe…

No I’ll stop.  I’m getting silly.  You can make up some more of your own.

So where are the hard lines between Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2?

There aren’t any!

There may be a little mound of jello shots that someone dumped there.  Maybe there are two.

But many of us have no problem walking around and over and through them.

Just some subjective ideas and opinions about functioning and psychosis and blah blah blah

So who really cares.

Isn’t it enough to be labeled Bipolar?

Besides if you really don’t want people to think you are super crazy just tell them that you are a “high functioning” Bipolar.

Because that doesn’t sound weird or anything.
We are Bipolar and that’s enough.
Bipolar is Bipolar is Bipolar

We’re all in this boat together.


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