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  1. Anonymous

    I used to be very careful who I told that I was bipolar. I would wait to get to know people first, and then when I thought it was safe, I would disclose it. I used to feel like a fraud and used to worry what they would think if “they really knew me.” I’ve been burned by people I thought were friends turning on me once they found out.

    So after this happened (somewhere in my mid to late 30’s) I decided not to give a shit. Now, I’m very up front with people because I don’t want to waste my time with those who aren’t worth it. I wasted months of my life with the two above mentioned bitches and I won’t make that mistake again.

    If I meet someone and they are still interested in pursuing a friendship after I tell them, then I know my BP isn’t an issue, and I’m not wasting my time. I just find that I as I get older I have little to no tolerance for bullshit, politics or drama. Therefore: Here I am. Take it or leave it.

    My husband is a cop and much of our social circle is comprised of cops and their families. At first it made me nervous to be so out in the open with them. Now I don’t care. The same rules apply to them as anyone else. Take me or leave me. And the response I’ve had from them has been very positive.

    I’m sure that some people will back away when they find out, but I look at it this way. They are weeding themselves out. They are not worth a second of my time.


    • bipolarfirst

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I agree that of a person can’t accept the Bipolar in you then it was a good friendship/relationship anyway. Especially if that person isn’t even open to having their mind changed.

      I’m so sorry you went through that experience with those women. I can totally see what you mean about feeling like it was a waste.

      People can say it shouldn’t make such a difference whether or not people know and why do we need to make a big deal about it when we are so much more than Bipolar. Like why should Bipolar matter so much in these situations.

      But when people don’t know it keeps the friendship from growing and deepening. You feel like you are hiding. And you have to watch what you say.

      And it is never fun to feel like people would leave you if they found out.


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