I’m Not cRazy I’m just a little Unwell

Another golden oldie!

I thought we needed to pull out this one and dust it off for the fetuses who may not have heard it before and the rest of us who may enjoy the refresher.

I will tell you that back in the day I thought he was saying “intense” not “unwell”.  As in “I’m not crazy. I’m just a little intense”

Which is a humorous window into how I viewed my crazy back then! (pre pre pre dx)

But the best line is “Feeling like I’m heading toward a breakdown…AND I DON’T KNOW WHY”

Now that is Bipolar!

Especially undiagnosed Bipolar

(By the way…if you get bored easily (like me) start it at the 55 second mark to miss all the intro music)

Sing it Rob!


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