My MOOD is not Disordered!

Mood disorder

Now that is just stupid.

Merriam Webster says….

mood=a conscious state of mind or predominant emotion

I am sorry.  I’m not sure I can follow through with this one.

I’m just staring at the screen trying to figure out exactly how this relates to Bipolar disorder.

I mean what the hell?

First of all, there is that “mind” word again.

It is not in our minds! It is in our brains! The mind is NOT an ORGAN.  But anyway been there blogged that.

This term is just such a stigma driver

It cuts us off at the ankles before we can even enter the race.

How can we be taken seriously when this term basically implies that we are glorified moody people?

I actually find this insulting. I am offended.

This isn’t even OUR word.

This is the general population’s word that is somehow part of our illness.

Think about it?

How do people use the word “mood” out there in the world?


“I’m in such a bad mood.”

“She’s so moody.”

“I’m not in the mood.”

“You ruined my mood.”

“My mood has improved.”

Maybe they WOULD like to say they have disordered moods.

I can see it now….

“sigh, My mood is so disordered today…”

Nonbipolars use the word “mood” all the time to describe themselves as feeling crappy or to complain about the attitude of another person. Or to say they are feeling great.  That is the experience of “mood” out there in normal society. They have moods too. It makes sense that they think they understand our moods.

So having a “mood” disorder really just seems lame.

Can’t normal people have a disordered moods too?

I mean what if they are so cranky they fight with their spouse and immerse themselves in their video games?

That seems like it could be called a disordered mood to me.

What if they get so pissed off that someone cuts them off while driving that they swear and give them the finger?

What if their boyfriend brakes up with them and they eat a pint of ice-cream and cry?

What defines a normal mood?

Are those disordered moods or are those normal?

I guess all “moods” are normal except for Depression and Mania……..




They are neither a “state of mind” nor an “emotion”

We use the word “mood states” for them but that is just sort of all they have given us for now.  It doesn’t mean it is an accurate term.

This dinky mood word helps nothing

“mood disorder”

Why wouldn’t the nonbipolars think they know what we go through?

And why wouldn’t they think that we could just adjust our attitude and do yoga like they did?

Why would people take us seriously with that kind of name?

It is a stupid name.

It puts me in a bad mood.

a disordered mood

But when we’re manic or depressed…

Um…. it’s not the mood that’s disordered.

(say it with me)



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    • bipolarfirst

      Thank you so much! Yeah, I think people don’t think of it. Even the docs. Which is why here we are with this fluffy dinky sounding “disorder”. People probably equate it to PMS or something. You know, moodiness.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. linda

    great writing! Exactly my feelings. Ours are not anywhere near what they experience. We have enormity to ours. And so much a sense of being out of control. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard “helpful comments”: from people. hahah! Even my shrink suggested yoga to me!!!!


    • bipolarfirst

      Seriously, the shrink said yoga. I mean yoga is great but it doesn’t fix Bipolar problems. You can destress with yoga but you can’t stop racing thoughts or agitation or suicidal ideation with yoga.

      and tHANKS!!


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