Bipolar Creative

Creativity art bipolar


I wonder though if what people think of as creativity… art…is just a release of pain….like steam escaping the pressure cooker….

That for whatever reason a Bipolar is somehow able to harness the pain and darkness and tumult and charm it into something appealing…beautiful…haunting….

In Bipolar beyond up and down there is something else within it all too

There is a mind place space reached..

a darkness and a depth…

A vastness of thought

As if there is no bottom to the mind but it just runs through the tunnel and opens out into the bleeding dark blackness of the universe

The lonely

So empty
So expansive

And yet full,…

the thoughts travel at a hurtling speed through everything and everything through this place and what was once is always and never and new

And raw and shining
And sad and dull and sharp and whole
And wrong and sweet and pang and molten

in all of these places the mind is and goes and feels and does

how can one person hold it all

You can’t

So you




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  1. Ho

    It’s beautifully written!

    When I look at the random drawings I drew under the influence of depression, I am actually surprised I drew it better than when I was under the influence of manic,

    I just couldn’t understand how I actually pulled that off, until you wrote this out.

    Much Thanks!


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