They can’t Drive for shit

Analogy time!

This is what the “mental health” profession needs to remember…

They are people who took the Driver’s Ed class but have never been behind the wheel.

So they book learn all about driving.

They watch other people drive.

They have a stock pile of advice to give someone who is driving.

But they have no idea what it is like to actually drive the car.

I don’t think I need to belabor that analogy.  I think you get it.

It would just be helpful for them to remember that they may have taken a class but they cannot drive a car.

Therefore, there are limits to how much they can tell us before they are out of their depth.

And they can only help with one piece of it all.

They can tell you what you are “supposed” to do when your car skids in the snow…

but we can tell each other what WE DID when our car skidded in the snow…

That is why we need each other.

I wish they told us that.


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  1. Jim Buchanan

    Usually true, but there are exceptions. My wife who has bipolar PTSD and borderline (yes borderline) is a case worker and runs groups at a mental health center. She’s certainly the exception though!


  2. Polesapart

    I’m a psychologist who works in an inpatient unit, and I have bipolar. I think you would be surprised at how many of us are on the other side – there’s a reason we’re attracted to mental health! Personally, I think it makes me a better psychologist as I do know how to drive the car, and although I can’t tell my patients that, I do understand how difficult just surviving can be.


    • bipolarfirst

      Thank you so much! I am glad you shared this.

      Yes. I am sure you are a great psychologist. I think it would be amazing to have a psychologist who is Bipolar. I would actually pay some pretty decent money to have a psychologist who I knew was Bipolar.

      Too bad it doesn’t work that way 😦

      It would be too good to be true.


  3. Ho

    The title is too sarcastic for a post like this but yet I laughed because I totally understand this post. Oh my god, I could imagine you writing this with a devilish grin with a fuming mind.

    Was nice starting off my day with your sarcasm-fuelled humor.


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