Feeling Suicidal should Piss us Off!

We should be outraged that this ridiculous disorder has the audacity to make us think for even one second that it would be better if we didn’t exist.

I get that in the moment it is hard/impossible to access thoughts such as these.  But I’m throwing the idea out there anyway.  Maybe it will stick somewhere.

It applies to all of the shit Bipolar tells us.  So next time Bipolar tells you you’re fat or ugly or stupid or that nobody likes you etc etc blah blah blah …..

Don’t get SAD get MAD!

Allow yourself to feel ANGRY that you are suicidal

try to dig down deep for some indignation

and allow that anger to pump you up for the battle

That’s what it is

A fight to the death

So when you feel that insidious feeling/thought that you might as well be dead…

When Bipolar is telling you to hurt yourself..

Just say

Bipolar go fuck yourself


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