Bipolar may get worse but mAybe we can get Better

It’s just an idea but lets think about it.


while Bipolar may get worse as we age (many report this)….

WE can get better.

That sounds weird but stay with me…

People report that the downs get lower…the ups get higher…that everything stops being fun…there is more mixed crap…less euphoria…more agitation…

And you’re like WAIT how is this GOOD?

Because YOU the person can grow anyway…

You learn more about the disorder, connect to others, learn your own patterns, triggers, rhythms.

You can become more accepting of the fact that you have the disorder and the maintenance it takes.

You hopefully (please God!) find meds that give you enough relief to enjoy some life.

You can hopefully can develop a support team that is actually helpful.

And you will probably do that human thing of just getting used to it. (as much as one can get used to this)

Adjustment is a big deal.

So don’t let the Kindling theory freak you out too much.

You aren’t ALL Bipolar.

You are still a person too

and while Bipolar effects ourselves it actually ISN’T ourselves

So there is something that you can make better

that you can grow

that you can nurture and strengthen and take care of

and that thing



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