Bipolar Is Not Simple Stupid

You know the cutesy little acronym K.I.S.S

It stands for keep it simple stupid. Supposedly helpful when going about one’s life making too much ado about nothing (or everything).

Well for Bipolar we should have an acronym to say (or just think….sigh….because we must be so well behaved all the time lest people think we’re all unstable or unhinged or something) to people or to ourselves when in a situation where people are telling us dumb things about Bipolar. Whether they are docs or normies (or fellow Bipolars currently in a manic phase with new found answers about how to beat the whole thing)

How bout


or Bipolar. Is. Not. Simple. Stupid

I prefer the explicit version


I’m sure you can figure out how that one goes
So next time someone tells you that taking a walk has been shown to have antidepressant effects and just a seven minute walk a day would allow you to skip the Zoloft you can think…


Next time the Pdoc says that you must be feeling better since you are sleeping better you can say….


Next time your friend asks you why you can’t just make a plan for two weeks from now (when you can’t leave the house or figure out how to pour orange juice today)

You say


And the next time some nonBipolar normal ass person with the luxury of a lifelong consistency of thought and feeling and energy and cognition has the fucking nerve to get in your face and say some stupid shit along the naive erroneous lines of….

“Change the way you think…change the way you feel….”

You say (and def go for the explicit one here)


And really if someone starts DSMing you and questioning your dx and trying to line up your current individual symptoms alongside all of that shit they decided would stand in for a real explanation of Bipolar for now


Because seriously friends if anyone is ever acting like Bipolar is simple or giving you simple explanations or shit like that..

Just raise an eyebrow and back away. And go ahead and NOT trust them about Bipolar. The whole Bipolar. The real Bipolar.

The real Bipolar is what we are doing here on this blog. The stuff that we actually feel and think and do and experience.

The Bipolar beyond the DSM

and beyond the “What is Bipolar disorder?” articles and YouTube videos.

The Bipolar beyond any article that starts with “10 Ways to Cope with Bipolar” or something like that.

We all know that shits not real.

Those articles are for the NORMIES who need basic info and for us when we begin the journey after diagnosis and need an intro but we know how empty those articles feel….how foreign and sterile and mismatched to our experience.

What we are dying to know are things like….

“Am I making it up?”

“Shouldn’t I be able to control this?”

“What does it feel like to be medicated?”

“Should I have children?”

“Can I be manic if I’m sleeping?”

“Can I be delusional if I can tell I’m delusional?”

“Can I cycle everyday?”

“What is me and what is Bipolar?”

“Why does depression make me unable to shower?”

“Why do I feel like my cycles are always a little bit mixed?”

“What is normal?”
And that shit we can only get from each other. Everybody hits diagnosis with the same truckload of feelings and questions and we are all left off on the side of the road


with no map.

Lost and alone

having to find the nearest gas station on our own.

That is stupid

because countless COUNTLESS people have walked that walk thought those thoughts asked those questions before.

This is where the online community comes in and this is the point of this blog.


We all go through the same stuff. My hope is that when you come here and search around that you find a way to think about Bipolar

in a way that you have not yet been able to find.

Love you all

Rock on in your Bipolar awesomeness


Add Yours

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