Hey Person! It’s a REAL problem

So just had a thought regarding my last post.

What about just a little piece of education in situations like that one…but not that one as I said.  I am not sure crashing the conversations of strangers helps our case any.

But what about ones like this…


“Yeah, I like my dentist but I don’t know.  The first time she was really friendly but since then she has been sorta prickly”

Other person

“Well that’s not okay.  She could have a serious problem like BIPOLAR DISORDER! You should stay far away.”

Cue me with hot blood running through my body (not anger just that flooded weird anxious buzzy heat you get when someone basically smacks you in the face).

And tied tongue.

Or this one

Other person in a hushed whisper as if relaying a scandal of immense proportions…

“Do you know he has BIPOLAR DISORDER!”


“Well lot’s of people have Bipolar disorder.  It is a real Illness.  Just another brain difference people can have like anxiety or depression…”

I am cut off by other person saying….

“No! Absolutely not! Depression and anxiety are one thing but they are nothing like having something REALLY WRONG WITH YOU like BIPOLAR DISORDER!.”


Big sigh

What if we said….

“Actually, Bipolar disorder is a serious illness.  1 out of 5 people with Bipolar disorder will complete a suicide according to NIH.

But you know what they will think about that…

“Well boohoohoo.  That is not a REAL problem.  Suicide is completely preventable. Just don’t do it.”

(Click here for more thoughts on that ignorance and then click here for Therese Borchard’s thoughts on that.)

Yeah you’re right person! It is preventable


Okay so what if we said

“Actually Bipolar Disorder is a serious illness.  1 in 5 people with Bipolar disorder die from it.”

Is that better?

I don’t know

I guess it depends where the conversation goes from there.

I think I will think about using that phrase sometime combined with…

“And guess what…I know a few people with Bipolar Disorder and they are totally people.”

and if all else fails and I’m in a sassy mood then maybe

“I hate to brag…but I’m Bipolar”


Add Yours
  1. AndrewS

    I’ve never bothered with these “educating” conversations. I’m glad you do, though! Someone has to! In my experience you tend to know immediately if the person has the sensitivity, depth, and powers of empathy necessary for even minimal understanding. Otherwise I hide it — or not really, I’m always foolish unguarded me, I just don’t plant a label on myself. They’re going to like me or not like me in their gut; an official diagnosis, I find, is only helpful after they’ve established that they like me.


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