I feel Overwhelmed by Bipolar

Not my own. But Bipolar in general.

The extent to which it can ruin people’s lives

and things in people’s lives

the numbers about suicide

the numbers about divorce

the number of people struggling in the workplace

the loved ones suffering

the dangerous things people do because of Bipolar

All of the people suffering and in pain.

It is just overwhelming.  I don’t think there is more to say about that.

Sorry to be a downer today.  But maybe it is good to take a moment to acknowledge the seriousness of what we are dealing with.  And how important it is to do everything you can to stay safe and fight for your health.

And then when that gets old go here first and feel empowered and then maybe here to feel something different.

and maybe here to feel perhaps understood and hopeful

And then

if you are like Chica I can’t take this deep shit today try

here to feel ridiculous…well my ridiculous

BUT if you’re like




I really want to hear your voice today.  All worked up about this kind of overwhelming shit….

Then read this one.  It was a goodie.

See I couldn’t leave ya hanging in the rain cloud.

Peace Love Lithium

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