Anybody having a Manic Monday?

Sorry.  Silly mood.  Couldn’t resist giving you the song below.

It has nothing to do with Bipolar actually.  Except for that in your face yet incognizant pejorative use of one of the imperfect terms given to us for use in our “illness”.

But as we’ve said before I don’t know that it really works to get offended by the pejorative use of our words because unfortunately they just ARE used by the general population and do have somewhat different meanings.

It sucks that because of this our “disorder” is more disrespected and misunderstood.

But most people do not spend one iota of brain space thinking..”Maybe I should try to learn more about Bipolar disorder so I can be less ignorant and stop contributing to the discrimination of a large group of innocent people.”

Nope. I don’t know why but I really don’t think anyone does that.

I will admit to you though that I get mischievous amusement out of blatantly using our words in conversation with people unaware of my Bipolar.  Like saying “Ha yeah I know.  I was totally manic.” or “Ugh…that kind of thing just sends me into a depressive episode.”…..or my favorite..”Yeah the sleep deprivation nearly made me psychotic.”

I love how they squeal “me too!” and or nod knowingly or chuckle with solidarity and feel that they are RELATING to me.  They are totally down with and empathize with the use of those terms.  With using BIPOLAR words to describe their own normal person experiences.


Which just goes to show you the extent to which no one really understands us, respects our illness, or thinks about us at all.

And you know what is even better?  If I follow it with…”No seriously.  Like seriously psychotic.”  They just agree MORE.

And it just leaves me feeling amused and like I’m hiding something…secretive and frighteningly unique like Alex Mack or something (Bonus points to anyone who gets that)

I am sorry for contributing to stigma in that way.  Oops.  Maybe I shouldn’t have been THAT honest.

I hope you can still like me.

Next time I’ll call everyone out I promise (lying) (But being honest about lying)….(neutral lying footprint).

Okay this was supposed to be a quick and light post.  I guess I had more post in me today than I thought.  I am feeling kinda buzzy this morning.

Not manic! Buzzy.

There is way more to Bipolar than Manic and Depressed y’all.

Maybe it’s because of that rare crazy moon we had last night.  I searched for it.  Couldn’t find it. Like I got in my car and drove around looking for the MOON.  The supposedly enormous moon.  I guess clouds can be really freaking thick.

I am now just running my mouth and you are probably not believing me that I’m not manic.

But I’m not.  I just have a slightly manicky personality.  Ask anyone.

If you can’t stand the crazy then get out of the kitchen.

Okay geez here’s your song.

Happy Monday!

If you’re manic than you’ll probably enjoy the song even more!

Or if you are old because the 80s rocked

And if you are a fetus you better watch because people just SHOULD know the Bangles.  I mean obviously.

And if you are new and this is the first post of mine you have ever seen then please click on something else so you can see that i’m not actually insane……….well…(you know what I mean)…..


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    • bipolarfirst


      It is CULTURE dude.


      Actually, I should probably apologize to the guys because I am unfailingly girly and cheesy and am irrepressibly drawn to the tacky things in life. What this means is that as far as music goes I can do much much worse……beware…..

      skittery…good word.

      Congrats on being back to “baseline”! That’s awesome.

      Liked by 1 person

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