Rules Schmules

“Rules are annoying unless they’re keeping one safe from sharks or something.”

Blah fucking polar

I found this quote and it amused me greatly.

You all know how I feel about RULES

In Bipolar there are no rules…as much as they want us to believe it…(whoa that got a little conspiracy theory. sorry I don’t really think that.  I don’t think. No I don’t.)

Anyway, the title of her blog is enough to earn my respect. hehe


Add Yours
    • bipolarfirst

      Borderline in da house!!!!!!

      Everyone knows that Borderlines are just wannabe Bipolars.


      I know it is actually a very serious thing and I totally respect that.

      Irreverence is just a coping mechanism.

      Coping with what I do not know. But when you’ve had a bunch of therapy you start thinking shit like that. Ya know?

      I think that is so sweet that you think I know what I am talking about. But of course I’ll visit your blog.

      Flattery will get you everywhere……

      I think I’m awesome too….when I’m grandiose….

      and dang it’s a hard habit to break


      sheesh I’m on an obnoxious roll

      stopping now

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