Do I STress you Out…..You must wonder Why I’m relentless and all strung out…. How is Alanis not Bipolar?

Actually I know nothing about her and whether or not it would be fun to have her over for dinner.

but there is not really anything I don’t like about Jagged Little Pill.

Which I actually always thought was called Jagged Little Phil…..until very recently

like just now when I googled it recently


Sometimes I really wonder about myself.


Anyway it just seemed SO necessary to play this song.

Def goes on the Bipolar playlist

For those of you with the attention span of a manic gnat  (like me) the music starts at 24 seconds.

AND  for those of you who are scarred by my Bangles sharing and somehow don’t know this song…please be assured that this song is NOTHING like that song.  You are relatively safe from cheese.

I say relatively because my cheese meter may be slightly broken…like my salt meter (nothing is ever salty enough)…

and in my world if you can’t dance to it…it ain’t music.

this one passes barely but it is SO Bipolar it makes my cut.

I will stop talking now.

get your 90’s grunge on!


By the way…it’s only a jagged little pill if your splitter sucks….


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  1. AndrewS

    Definitely rocked Jagged Little Pill in high school. Phil, huh? You might want to see a psychiatrist. Ha! Favorite was the title song. Just revisited: holds up. Nicely motivating this morning. But what sort of diva recommends, to everyone, getting your heart trampled? Maybe Alanis paraphrasing good ole Tennyson in our jagged modern jargon: “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Certainly how I feel about my ex-wfe, at any rate. No regrets. And I got Alanis’ other diva dictum down cold: suffer foot in mouth disease like it belongs in the DSM.


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