Those therapists and Psychiatrists are so Freaking RUDE

Think about it…

They sit there writing away while you are talking and they are asking you shit…

and then

they don’t even have the decency to SHOW you what they wrote.



okay okay okay

I get it whatever there are reasons for all of this and blah blah blah.  I don’t care about that right now.



I just think it wouldn’t be the end of the world as we know it if they could turn that shit around at the end and say…

“Did I get this right?”



bECAUSE we have NO freaking power in it…

it is literally their word against ours and we are the weaker party because we are “crazy”



think about it.

They could be writing down ANYTHING in there.

and since they are flawed humans and in my experience a great many of them are completely incompetent not good, then we really have no guarantee that they have really understood…or whatever.



So they can say what they want to say later and they have the upper hand.

I once had a pdoc “remind” me that I thought I was a prophet from God and needed to spread Jesus or some shit like that and

I SWEAR to you I NEVER said that to her.

  1. Because it didn’t happen.

I hope you believe me that believing I was a fucking “prophet” or some shit like that has NEVER been part of my Bipolar experience.

Not that I haven’t gotten spiritually wacky, oh I have .  but not to the lengths she was saying I did.

And guess what?  I am spiritually wacky unmanic as well!

Newsflash world…look at all the religious people you could dx as psychotic.  (I am not knocking religious people)

that was a tangent.

Point being that when I was confused and denying this prophet  accusation she was giving me the most condescending little smile….

like I was a crazy little idiot who didn’t know what I was talking about


the girl who had been so manic and delusional that she didn’t know what she was talking about….

isn’t it cute she is denying it now

and I KNEW that was what she was thinking and it was an



enraging feeling because I knew that NOTHING i said here was going to give me equal credibility.

I fired her too.


(As a side note. This woman was SO bad that she actually told me things that were PROVEN incorrect and really caused a lot of damage for me.  I really should report her ass)



She is the one who should look like an idiot

not me

But I’m the one with the diagnosis

I’m the one who had to bravely share incriminating uncomfortable dare I say PRIVATE information about myself in the name of getting appropriate treatment.

and then have my words turned around and twisted in my face.


Do they really not understand what that is like?????



Okay I am too fired up about Pdocs now.  Go here for more of what I think about them.  (It isn’t an angry post)



and I bet even some of you


believe me

but you should



So yeah…

Hey you therapist people!!!!

Don’t just sit there and write shit about us!

and then tuck it away without even offering us the chance to see it.



It is disempowering



and could be dangerous for us



Plus it is just kind of rude.


Add Yours
  1. Leslie

    I have on occasion mentioned something when my therapist seems to be scribbling extra hard, but I’ve never asked to see what she wrote. I’ve been very blessed to always have had excellent doctors (ok, my pdoc is a little weird, but still)


  2. Lonelyjean

    Holy shit I can relate to this, this one guy I saw a few months ago kept putting words in my mouth, all whilst scribbling away furiously. He gave me no chance to speak and I was left in a whirlwind of confusion, at the end he gave me his diagnosis and said – no joke – “I am happy to inform you that you do not have a serious mental health problem, you can be happy now!” All animated, arms waving and as if he was announcing a prize I’d won from a radio contest or something.

    However, my biggest mistake was not asking to see what he had written, because it has caused a domino effect. His notes have been passed on and I have met further people who have read them, and I keep having to say NO I DID NOT SAY THAT! In fact he let me say very little at all. So now because of this one asshole its really fucked up where I am with other therapists/psychologists etc. I have however gone out of my way to make the ‘new people’ I am seeing aware that I do not and will not be forced to see him again because of how he treated me, but when I tell them I get this sideways glance and I just know they think I’m some delusional time wasting nut job.


  3. onefishtoofish

    I just started therapy again and it struck me just HOW MUCH she writes down… she just writes through the whole session. Is she writing down every single word I say? And how well can she really be paying attention if she’s writing the whole time I’m talking…


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