Are you suffering today?


Did you land on this site because you are searching? Are you in pain?

Are depressed?

Are you Dysphoric?

Are you struggling against anxiety?

Do you feel like you are suffocating?

Are you dreading waking up in the morning?

Are you desperate for the electricity in your chest to stop?

Are you so numb you don’t care about anything at all?

Are you just barely keeping it together and looking for a safe place to collapse?

Are you looking for words to put to your experience?


I can tell you that right now…maybe as you read, there are others reading too.  People who have been there.  People who understand.  I get it.  They get it.  You are not alone.

Bipolar is a one person kayak….but you’re not the only person with a kayak.

Keep paddling.

We all are.


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