Don’t Be mad I say Gratitude but I also have Joan Jett! So It’s okay!

Okay okay okay I know that depending on the kind of state you are in you might be telling me to take gratitude and shove it

Do you feel all betrayed that I would be suggesting the shit the world is always shoving in your face?

Please don’t.  Let’s just chock this up as a what the fuck moment.



just in case there is a crack in your hell state

or you’re just far enough down that you are still able to hold on to something like popsicles

or you’re balanced and looking for inspiration


if you’re high you probably won’t be able to pay attention

or you’ll cry thinking it is the most beautiful thing ever

or you’ll go write your own list of 100,000 beautiful things about LIFE



Because sometimes this kind of shit does do something.  Maybe not make you feel better.  I’m getting tired of hearing that by the way…”feeling better”.  It is a dumb misleading phrase.  Let’s rant about that later thought shall we.  I am like really hungry.


But yeah once in awhile when life seems bleak and full of evil and meaninglessness I think…

well you know…

I DO enjoy a good chunk of dark chocolate with some olives…..and Gilmore Girls is pretty cool…and I love Brokenhearted by Carmin…..or Crimson and Clover by Joan Jett…oooooo Bach’s cello concertos…..and wait wait wait…….

don’t forget Love Grows Where my Rosemary Goes by Edison Lighthouse……

somehow shit like that makes me feel like maybe the the world has some light in it somewhere….at least some silliness….

which is just as good and maybe just one part of light anyway.  ugh now i’m gettin’ deep and this is supposed to be light hearted anecdote to yesterday’s Fight Anyway piece.

So here is this sweet little video by the lovely Katherine Center.  But if it doesn’t cut your mustard for your hit of ridiculous from me today I think I will add some of those deeply culturally significant songs I got all excited about up there.  Nothing to do with Bipolar except for the fact that they are ridiculous and so is Bipolar.

sorry Bach, you’re not ridiculous. But you did get yourself onto this silly list somehow which claims you may have been Bipolar. Whatever.









Sorry Bach I ran out of time for you!

You’re just not silly enough anyway


Add Yours
  1. AndrewS

    I love Bach. Always know I’m in a good place when I’m listening not to my usual plangent emo ballads but Handel, Haydn, Schubert, et al. Take a Midwestern winter afternoon, five thirty, blue snow on the yard, already dark, the despair settling in…I am pretty much thrilled if I have the presence of mind to just lie in bed and put on a Mozart piano sonata and let all the sadness and longing and turbulence wash away and become purified and made into something, well, beautiful. And aching in a painful-but-I-can-stand-it-and-feel–somehow-ennobled-way. So fuck yeah. I for one am grateful for those dead white males with their powdered wigs and periwinkle trousers.


    • bipolarfirst

      “let all the sadness and longing and turbulence wash away and become purified and made into something, well, beautiful. And aching in a painful-but-I-can-stand-it-and-feel–somehow-ennobled-way.”

      YES exactly.

      I feel the same way about art and things like this. Thank you for putting that in words.

      I will read that book if you finish it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. darie73

    Happy Day! What a rocker chick I was. Seeing Joan Jett reminds me of going to a million hair dressers and saying “I want my hair like Joan Jett!”. They would look at my bleach blond super curly hair and laugh. It wasn’t until Keratin Treatments were invented that I could finally get that look but an updated version. I kind of miss those days of meeting rock stars and going to concerts. There is no one like her though. I still can’t figure out how to put videos on my blog. lol


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