Bipolar Doesn’t Give a shit About you

A theme of this site is “There aren’t any Rules for Bipolar Disorder.”  It may be redundant but it just is very relevant when discussing the “real” Bipolar.  Bipolar is redundant.  I’m not just ranting about rules because I am too cool for school.  I honestly believe that believing that we must fit the rules of Bipolar can be damaging to us in many different ways.

Here is one more…

When we try to match ourselves up against the “rules” of Bipolar we can often end up feeling like we EVEN fail at just BEING Bipolar.

Like we need that.

Messy bipolar unruly unwieldy rebellious bipolar

We can yell at our Bipolar.

“Bipolar behave yourself!”….”Why can’t you be a good conformist like all the other Bipolars??!!”…”Bipolar follow the rules you incorrigible thug!”

And we all know what Bipolar’s response is to that.

“Fuck you. I’ll do whatever I want.”

Bipolar is a little bitch


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  1. mythoughts62

    I know that my bipolar has been chaotic for the last 15 or so. Before that it was very well behaved with nice predictably, mania depression mania depression. At least I spend more time in remission now…


      • mythoughts62

        Sadly it’s just “more time” in remission, and not “always” in remission… 🙂

        I’m actually very strongly hypomanic now and have been for 3 weeks despite multiple med changes/increases. But since it’s a good mania so far, all I’m worried about is a sickening plunge into suicidal depression 🙂 But maybe that won’t happen, as I said my moods swings have been unpredictable and chaotic (faster and not tied to the seasons as they once were). As you correctly say, bipolar doesn’t give a shit about me.”


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