9 Things To Do While Waiting For the Klonopin To Kick In…(don’t run this isn’t actually helpful advice!)


I crack myself up.  Silly mood!

bECAUSE you all know that this isn’t really a number lists of advice kind of a blog.

I’m never going to be like hey here are the ten best ways to stop feeling like shit…

Um no

I don’t know 10 ways not to feel like shit

And that’s not how Bipolar works anyway BINFSS


I felt all proper typing that title though…although perhaps I have alienated some of you with my appearance of offering unhelpful advice….

oh no oh dear

I’ve lost my cred


read on y’all read on

(P.S. I was originally going to do 10 but ran out of motivation for it all and decided instead to present you with 1 thing not to do. Probably could have thought of more but the old attention span ain’t cooperating)

(P.P.S I know you are supposed to put P.S. at the end of the letter.  But that wouldn’t make sense.  like this makes sense?)


And now you’re like…”I wasn’t thrilled with the title of this post anyway and know I’m being subjected to this gobbledygook.”

keep your pants on

it’s not even that good of a list

here it is…



In the name of silliness and fun I present you with my numberly advice post!

Because you know the feeling….

You’re buzzy and jangly and blah and blooooblah ugh

And you are finally like okay FINE I should take one of those guys

And you do…

But you’ve got some time to kill before the little sucker kicks in…


9 Things to Do While waiting for your Klonopin to kick in

1. See how many stairs you can climb up in just one step
2. Take “what color is your aura” quizzes online (betcha it’s pretty. Come on Bipolar auras must be off the hook )
3. Send people random texts of only emojis.
4. Take pictures of your eyeball
5. Play bagpipe music and jump around (seriously y’all the freakin bagpipe=magic)
6. Run and jump over something…anything (okay not ANYthing. Stick to things shorter than you and not sharp)
7. Fill up online shopping carts…
8. Just make annoying noises like a siren…a bird….etc (If you’re in public maybe stick to something socially acceptable like imitating people’s text alerts.)
9. Write a blog post (HA)(Btw I am not actually waiting for klonopin to kick in.  This is not autobiographical nonsense. If you want that shit you could always read about how I lost my dignity for chicken nuggets again.  That was popular. (forehead smack))

And what to NEVER do while waiting for your klonopin to kick in…

Never under any circumstances start cutting your hair….

Actually this is just a rule of life.

but Bipolar people really should not cut their own hair.

I don’t like rules.

so I break that rule too.

But at least I am aware of the problem.

And awareness is like 2/3 of the battle or some shit like that.

that satisfies me


Add Yours
  1. darie73

    Just cut my hair, tremors and all. It’s ok because I used to be a hair stylist that the hair world said was “going places”. Too bad it was straight to unemployment. I have days where I can still be a Wiz with my $300 shears. lol I didn’t buy them they were a gift from my mentor. Just never cut straight across when doing your bangs. If you have layers you really can’t mess up too bad. Actually leave your hair to the professionals. I just remembered fixing too many bad heads. Sorry 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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