Shit Therapists Say…Rachel Griffin is cool.

So yes Rachel Griffin is very cool.

Her blog is awesome possum and she has written a musical about mental illness. heard that right.

I just said a MUSICAL about MENTAL ILLNESS.

I was not doing anything I was supposed to be doing and happily exploring her website and listening to the songs she has up.

They are great and I would love to be in the front row when this thing opens.

Click here to go to the page where you can hear the songs from the musical.

I like them all especially I Have an Ocean…

but my fave for the moment is Let me Write which is at the bottom.

It speaks beautifully of issues like how rude those therapists and Pdocs can be!



That all was just my little intro about Rachel.

What I REALLY want to show you is this stunning masterpiece she put together that caused me to laugh out loud and then to follow impulse again and come post it for you guys.

You know I have my issues with therapists…click herehere…and here if you missed that fun.

seriously…the blue puppet…passion for helping the rich……hahahahahahaha

just watch

You will love it.

Thanks Rachel!

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