Raise Your Glass If You Are Wrong in All the Right Ways!

All my UnderDogs!!!!!!!!


It’s been kinda heavy in here for awhile and i think we’re due for some silliness

because this isn’t just a site about talking about deep Bipolar shit

this is a blog about celebrating our cray

yeah i am saying that like that

i know it’s weird

I know it’s controversial

I know some people aren’t gonna get it


this is how I feel

I was inspired by Sass and Adam and Lola and everyone who is just

TIRED of acting like

the Bipolar

is something to hide…

some heinous chain to drag around…

and it is don’t get me wrong

oh but the paradox of paradoxes

We also


Yeah I’m Crazy…..legit dxed Bipolar Chica

and you know what…

the shoe fits

and so I’m gonna fucking wear it (and it’s match)

and strut all over this place…..

Because for real!

First things first We have to stop hiding

and we will never stop hiding while

We feel ASHAMED of our

defective brain

But dudes sometimes it is necessary to wonder…..

Are we disordered or differently ordered





So right now I’m in loud and proud mood.


my moods are like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get…..

thank ya Forest


So anyway Carry OnΒ is a song that always makes me think of you guys

and forgive me but so does this one!

If it doesn’t jive for you you can wait until my next more reverent serious piece…it will come as sure as day follows night……


So if you’re too school for cool
And you’re treated like a fool
You can choose to let it go
We can always, we can always party on our own


She is so dang deep

We CAN party on our own…..let’s dance on the table……

(I love Pink but there is nothing I like about the video for this song so I will subject you to the lyrics)

but don’t look at the lyrics

Pretend you’re Red manic and jump around with me?

Raise your glass wahooo Β let’s do it…click


Add Yours
  1. dyane

    Girl, I love this message and I want some of your energy. When I first began my blog I called it “Proudly Bipolar” which is still in the URL; I changed it to “Birth of a New Brain” to reflect my book title….my life, really.

    And now I’m off to try to get some energy back on my elliptical. I didn’t see you on Twitter just now so I’ll miss seeing you tweets as I toil & sweat. πŸ™‚

    But tomorrow is another day……thanks again for being a bright light in the blogosphere and for keeping it real!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lolabipola

    I’m so loud and proud bipolar that I mentioned it in my application for Clinical Psych training… So we shall see by the end of the month whether I get accepted or not πŸ˜‰

    I fuckin LOVE P!nk SOOOOOOOOOO much. Everything about her. I want her hair – I want her body… Not THAT way… (okay, maybe just a little bit THAT way too). She is amazing. I get her, so obvs she would get me too if we were BFFs πŸ˜‰

    Now I must smoke a cigarette and contemplate my non-attempts at writing… Its not that I don’t want to…. Its just that I have no will (or is that capacity?) to think right now… So much to say, so little will to say it

    Liked by 2 people

  3. morgueticiaatoms

    I like Pink’s “Don’t Let Me Get Me” because it’s, well, pretty reticent of me.
    “Never win first place, don’t support the team..can’t take direction and my socks are never clean…I’m a hazard to myself…”

    I think it celebrates being a mess while realizing we can be our own worst enemies…When everyone else isn;t doing it for us.

    I’ll dance on a table later, I don’t wanna wake my kid and get rapid fire Uzi chatterboxed.

    Liked by 1 person

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