Admitting the disability It’s not a disability

It is only in the outer that the disability is a thing….

only in the realm that has no meaning…

Doesn’t matter

It isn’t real

A word
Nothing more

Stigma is in the outer

In the inner it is just us
Something different
But not respected
Not held and seen by the outer
So for the outer we put on the costume of disability

for the outer realm

to put it in terms that they can understand

but we know

the truth

not “disability”

not disorder


in the inner realm

our striving is known

our truth is seen

it is just that

when these gifts

get filtered into the outer

they are hindered hampered

and can get



out of ordered

it makes perfect sense

so when we say

“I have a disbility”

it is a small

white lie

we tell

so we can get

some support


Add Yours
  1. lolabipola

    Perfect! Perfectly well said! I read an article in the newspaper today about a dude doing research on real vampires… I want to post it – there was one thing he said in that article that just screamed “YES!” to me.

    This is it:-

    ” ‘I think what the [vampires] are doing is good, because it helps put into perspective what our conception of ‘normal’ is,” Browning said. “Them doing what they’re doing isn’t a problem. . . .It’s our preconceived notion of what normal is that’s the problem.’ “


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