I’m a Bitch

This is a repost from awhile ago

I’m just in this kinda mood…

what can I say.

baCK in the day I told my friend that this song really resonated with me and was so true and she was like….

“Why are you so deep about EVERYTHING? She just wants attention saying Bitch.”


I’m deep

and I like attention

sue me


Hey guys!

It is getting so serious in here lately. Let’s lighten it up with some music.

I know we all have favorite songs that speak to us about our Bipolar. I’m putting one of my faves here… because… well you know, it’s my blog.

Besides, some of you might be fetuses who have never heard this song. Shock. horror.

Turn it up


Add Yours
  1. DM

    Most days, Pink Floyd’s, “Brain Damage/Eclipse”: “The lunatic is on the grass…”

    Dang, I just dated myself. What the heck.

    Some days, Pink Floyd’s, “Comfortably Numb”.

    Bitch song when I’m feeling really pissed off: Cee Lo Green’s, “F $!# You”. (The unedited version of “Forget You” in ALL IT’S GLORY. )

    David Bowie and Lana Del Rey’s music.

    I had a rip fest when I blew last night with someone trying to tell me how to run my life, so I’m gonna go play Cee Lo.



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