Daylight Savings Crap…WaFreakingHOOO

Batten down the Hatches Everybody!

hold on to you hats

circle your wagons

and every other saying like that because


Daylight Savings Time


One of our worst arch enemies!


Talk about messing up your rhythm….

It is the ultimate!

I mean it’s the freaking SUN


I know some of you are not in one of the 70 countries who do this so I suppose this particular post does not apply to you.

If you are wondering why the heck Daylight Savings Time even happens you will enjoy this clip. It is funny so you should actually watch it. hehe


gosh this blog is getting so political HA

Don’t worry I can stir up some silliness for next time.

Oh and you will note the video’s lovely pejorative use of one of OUR words…psychotic.  Oh well.

If you want a legit post from me you can click here to listen to me go off about how we have to share our words with the general population. Urrgh!



Good luck everybody as you face off with Daylight Savings!

Game Face!


Add Yours
  1. lolabipola

    LOL! I liked the “and this from a country who thinks that THIS is a word…” That was one lonnnnnnngggggg word! Hells bells!

    As for the “psychotic” reference – wtf. He clearly has no idea what “psychotic” means! Totally incorrect connotations! Aaaarrrrgggg


  2. mythoughts62

    I love the video.

    I had never known why daylight savings time existed, this sounds more plausible than the farmers. I live in Indiana where we just started daylight savings time in 2006. Why? No good reason. They say it’s safer for children waiting on school buses in the morning, but that idea is sort of retrofitted onto the whole concept.

    I was up all night at the ER with a sick kid, so the time change was the least of my worries!


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