My wife is funny

Humor is ridiculously important….

obviously I think that.

I think humor allows us to take some power back…to stop taking it all so damn SERIOUSLY all the time.

I mean yeah for sure it is serious stuff.

But we all KNOW that it is serious.

We all feel that it is serious

But you gotta laugh at some of it.

I mean some of it is kind of funny…..

But in some moods and especially when newly diagnosed it can be really hard to see anything funny…..

Which is why I am in love with this woman and her tuna fish joke!

It bangs this nail….

right on the head.

Because it is what we do….

Did I do this because I am Bipolar or because I have ADHD or do I just really have to pee right now?

I have been following the journey of this couple and if you have not….the wife has recently been diagnosed with Bipolar and therefore has embarked on the treacherous post dx journey towards understanding acceptance awareness and all kinds of shit like that.

So it made my heart soar to see this post today.

Not only because it made me smile…and think

HA so True!

but also because it is a window into another

beautiful quirky witty Bipolar soul….

(Dear wife! I know I said Bipolar…don’t think of it as a label! Think of it as a flattering adjective ūüėČ )

Dialogue from the Depths

My wife is funny.  My wife is brave.  My wife is amazing.

Despite all the pain, confusion and struggles with the acceptance of having a mood disorder label, such as depression, she find opportunities to share her ambivalent openness to it actually being true.  Here are 2 examples, which she approved for sharing:

Recent Whatsapp chat messages that she wrote (in less than 2 minutes), regarding 10 tins of tuna that we ended up having, after not coordinating the shopping between us.

Is 10 cans of tuna fish a sign of:

a) hypomania

b) mania

c) depression

d) personality

e) hunger

f) fear if famine

g) dysphoria

h) lack of communication

i) was on special (discounted)

j) for making tuna patties (lots of them)

k) need tins for a school project

l) having a business luncheon at our house with tuna and cheese melts

m) to give me a project to do a…

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  1. morgueticiaatoms

    Hmm…the donor used to leave empty packaging in the fridge so I would do silly shit like attach it to his work shirt in the closet in hopes he’d get a giggle..It only ever made him mad. I guess I am not adorably quirky.

    I do try to throw humor in. Kenny lives at R’s shop and had the day off when I was there Wednesday…And his snoring is horrendous, so I printed out a picture of a Snorlax and labeled his door “lair of Snorlax”.

    The depression mangles much, but I do have my humor even if some don’t get it. I try.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dyane

    OMG – yes, I know that blog. And yes – HUMOR is super, super important. I’m so glad you agree! ūüėČ

    Re: dialogue of depths – her husband loves her SO much; he’s such a good guy and a doctor to boot! We exchanged a few emails about his situation, and I put him in touch with a blogger who also has a wife with bipolar ( who’s really cool. The doctor was incredibly grateful, which was yet another validation of this blogosphere being such a great force of good. Of course it’s not always the case, but I’ve found it to be FAR more good than bad! XOXO And I’m super-grateful to have connected with *you*! :))) I know I’ve been lame at commenting lately, but wait & see – I’ll get back on track!


    • bipolarfirst

      Yes..I think the blog is such a fabulous addition. I will be sure to check out plainoldvic too. It is true that the online community is powerful….maybe someday it will translate into the “real” world.

      Don’t fret about comments. Like I said I always feel like I am just barely keeping up with everyone.

      Liked by 1 person

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