Privacy is a joke

Privacy is a joke…

all that shit about how our medical records…therapy records are kept so safe and secure

it’s such bullshit

you know how i have been requesting my records?

by phone…just giving my address and they are like sure

and why do  some people charge and some don’t

and what exactly is that fee applying to…

35 dollars for what?

i say

“for paper?!?”

the secretary says

“well i have to copy them”

I hang up and then think

oh well i guess she gets to read them then….


I have a friend who is an LCSW and she practices therapy

she has told me stories of places she used to work…

how people are not supposed to take files home

but they do so they can work at home

and misuses of electronic files

and just all this shit

it’s all shit

i’m so sick of it


oh yay.  I’m glad the secretary was able to yank me around for over a week and then scam 35 dollars out of me

and on top of all that she gets to manhandle my records…

she should pay me for that privilege


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  1. morgueticiaatoms

    This is precisely why I am always on a rant about R and his master’s degree psychologist daughter. She’s already broken privilege with telling him about counseling her friend, which he promptly told me about, so no doubt, he told his wife, other children, friends, etc. WTF? I may blog about my issues, I may not even harbor them as a secret, but when I go into a therapist or doctor, I damned well expect them not to be fodder for social amusement.
    I’m with you. They should pay you for the privilege of manhandling your records. If we were talking letting people touch you physically, it’d be a form of assault. The same should apply to our minds, ffs.


  2. darie73

    Years ago I had Breast Reduction Surgery. The Dr. takes pictures of you before the surgery. I got a phone call from his office saying he had lost the pictures. I said “What do you mean he “lost” them?!”. The secretary said he took them home and then to a LOCAL photo developing place and they were lost. I was pissed. Who does that? So there are probably pictures of my 42DD breasts floating around the internet. lol Good thing you couldn’t see my face!


  3. mythoughts62

    When I switched providers 5 years ago, the old provider would not forward my records to the new one. They said it simply wasn’t done, but I could obtain them and take them myself. They wanted over $400 in “Copying fees” to do this…


  4. lolabipola

    Yes, I’ve often wondered about who else gets to see my records. Just after I was diagnosed with bipolar, I went to my GP – I know one of the women who works at the GP’s office – her daughter and my daughter went to kindie together and were best friends… Anyhoooooo – before my diagnosis, she would always come say hi and be all friendly, but AFTER my diagnosis, I went there a few times and she kinda avoided me. And I was like, “Oh fuck you. So I guess you’ve seen my records then” – but then the last time I went she was friendly again… So who knows… I might have been particularly paranoid at the time, and she might just have been going through a rough time. Who knows.

    But, if I ever found out that she had disclosed that info to anyone else, I’d definitely take action. At the end of the day, privacy is a legal right. Confidentiality is between you and your Dr/therapist (and whoever else gets to see your information). You should have been informed about who gets to see your information, and why. And then given (or refused) consent. You COULD insist that your Dr/Therapist make the copies so that no one else sees your records, but at the end of the day, they’ve probably been the ones to type out his notes anyway. You’re right. It fuckin sucks!

    Without sounding sanctimonious, they appear to take privacy and confidentiality VERY seriously over here in Aotearoa New Zealand. Of course, I haven’t practiced yet, or worked in the field, but the Code of Ethics is very clear – you don’t talk about clients outside of the office, and certainly not in earshot of anyone not allowed to be privy to the information, not even if you change their names.

    There have been some breaches in confidentiality over here with records being emailed to the wrong people, you know, human error and all that – heads roll. Its all over the news. People lose their jobs. And I would imagine there would be some sort of compensation to those affected, although I’m not sure about that. But that’s when it happens at large agencies – I haven’t read any stories of individual cases where confidentiality has been breached outside of the acceptable limits to confidentiality.

    You bring up such brilliant points! I love reading your blogs 🙂


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