Depressed People Get off on Depression

You guys will love this. You know you can trust me with shit like this.

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

Research says that.

I was just minding my business yesterday when these articles hopped in my path.

“Depressed People May Hold on to The Blues” is the title of this article.

“Choosing Sadness: The Irony of Depression” is this one.

I am dead serious.

And if you do a quick internet search of this you will get quite a few articles on this new research that came out.

I am only going to work with two.

Brace yourself.

(These first quotes come from the first article listed.)

“New research suggests that even when depressed people have the opportunity to decrease their sadness, they don’t necessarily try to do so.


That is ALL we do.  Maybe we don’t actually “have the opportunity” because we have a brain disorder that doesn’t just GIVE us the OPPORTUNITY to “decrease” our sadness the same way that a person…

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  1. morgueticiaatoms

    Utter rubbish, don’t care what their research says. No one with true clinical depression wants to feel that way, let alone wallow in it. People who claim to be depressed and cling to it are the problem. They’re probably just emo. Real depression clings to you, you don’t cling to it. I don’t need research, I live it.

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