Recovering Myself- A Bipolar Recovery Tale

hELLO lOvely Readers,

I thought you might enjoy reading this piece of mine which was recently published on the amazing site, Dropping Keys.  This is a piece that has not been published on my blog before.  Brand new! Lucky you!



The story of how accepting bipolar facilitated recovery for this brave woman.

Source: Recovering Myself- A Bipolar Recovery Tale


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  1. Sandra

    Oh my goodness! Read it. So powerful. And I don’t think I ever knew how much you accepted your diagnosis. It made me realize that in order to find a place where death isn’t the first thing that pops into my head each morning and the last each night, maybe accepting a diagnosis is a good place to start. I do so loved your analogy that taking the meds is like a woman feeling like a failure because she had an epidural. You are awesome. Keep empowering us.


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