Greatest Hits Album

I just thought this would be fun.  Here is a list of my most read posts so far.  Highest at the top. For obvious reasons most of them are fairly recent but still.  Whatever.  I can’t think of a good explanation for this except it seemed interesting and three cheers for lazy blogging! Wahoo!

actually think of all the time it took to link them!

I’m wiped

But I did it for YOU

What if you missed a zinger!

Now you’ll know

(p.s. the Jackson Pollock one is inexplicable and unexpected to me but what can I say? I don’t read this blog.  I just write it.)


Bipolar Jackson Pollock

Hypomania…the strange and horrible Gift of Bipolar

Stand back…I am about to Go Off about Therapists

Can Our Honesty be Blamed for Suicides?

Read This Now If You Are Bipolar

We Should be Angry

Depressed People Get Off on Depression

Missing Mania isn’t a Crime…Let’s Go Crazy

Is it Child Abuse if a person with Mental Illness Procreates?

You Have No Power in Therapy except omission and lies

Hello Dear Friends

I’m Calling BULLshit on them! Where is Our Voice?

What is ME and what is the Bipolar?



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