More Bipolar than Thou…When we tear each other down

I want to talk about this thing that happens in our community.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of judging each other..

a lot of turning on each other

this is just so not okay guys

One of the biggest ways I see this happen is doubting each other’s diagnoses

Which is absurd when you internalize that fact that we all have DIFFERENT Bipolar

Our Bipolar is not all the same

so you cannot declare another person to NOT be Bipolar

or to be LESS Bipolar

on and on

I have seen people get told they must not REALLY be Bipolar when they…

manage without meds

when they manage with small amounts of meds

when they get a good med combo right away or soon

when they can function through episodes

when they haven’t been hospitalized

when their dx is Bipolar 2

when their dx is Cyclothymia

when their dx is Bipolar NOS

when they can parent with Bipolar


Why do we do this to each other?

Are we just SO judged that we cannot help but turn and spew that shit on each other?

Because seriously guys

WHO does this help?


Is it just so hard to make peace with having to take meds that we cannot stand the idea that some people can make it without them?

Is it just so awful to be manic and psychotic that we have to make those with  Bipolar 2 diagnosis feel less than?

Is it just too frustrating to be on our 5th med combo that we become enraged when we see people thriving on their first?

Is it just too heart breaking to decide that we cannot have a child and then when we see others who are purportedly “Bipolar” succeeding at raising children….

we can’t help but spew hate?

at each other




we absolutely will not fight stigma like that

we absolutely will not further our cause like that


Eradicating stigma in the general population is not something that will happen anytime soon

But I do believe that we can make progress in lessening the stigma we place on ourselves and on each other

We are all different

Bipolar is not a cut and dry kind of a thing

if you’ve gotten yourself to a diagnosis than you suffer


and we don’t need to judge each other’s suffering

we don’t need to judge the level of other people’s suffering


It isn’t a contest of who suffers the most

It isn’t a contest of who is the most Bipolar

and that if you aren’t believed to suffer enough

than you are not welcome into the clubhouse

who makes those rules?


When we do this we weaken the strength of our community


we hold ourselves back

we hold all of us back


so next time you find yourself about to doubt someone else’s diagnosis

about to judge someone else’s Bipolarness

consider that that person is different from you

that they have different Bipolar than you

that you don’t know their whole story

and that if we can’t unite

and create a strong voice

if we can’t reach out to each other with compassion and open hearts and minds

then we will never escape the prison society has us in

Bipolar together people

let’s be Bipolar together

it’s not a contest

it’s not a competition

It is not only the self reported worst cases of Bipolar Together

It is just simply Bipolar Together








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  1. darie73

    When I was first diagnosed it happened to me with a well known writer/blogger who should have known better. It pushed me to start my own blog where I stated we’ve all been kicked while down enough, it’s time to change that. It hasn’t changed and I find myself doing the same thing sometimes. It does make me mad if a person with Bipolar talks about being Medication free and it working because I think it’s harmful to the Mental Health Community in general. A lot of people NEED TO BE MEDICATED. Some will look for any justifiable excuse not to be. I know I would if I could. Bipolar is Bipolar that’s what my Dr. said to me last time. He said we have to put a diagnosis code but no ONE PERSON suffers more or less it’s a shitty illness to have no matter how you look at it. To that I said “Thank You” a professional who admits it.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. dyane

    I totally agree with this well-written post!

    Although I can’t go back and remember every comment I’ve made or written that might fall under one of these….what’s the word….transgressions? I’m trying to improve….always trying!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sandracharrondotcom

    This post is fantastic and o e I wish I had read 2 years ago. But I have been my worst enemy thinking that I must not really be bipolar because I’ve never been hospitalized. And in believing this, I’ve stopped my meds which has caused me to backside which has caused me to know different meds. And you’d think I’d learn my lesson but I still haven’t because I’m still convinced I’m not really bipolar because u can function even when all I want to do is sleep. Maybe I needed to read this? Regardless you made soany good points. I think society will compete to the bitter end even if it’s to see who is the sickest or the healthiest. This post needed to be written.


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