People Like Us We Gotta Stick Together

“We are all Misfits living in a world on fire”

Hey Guys,

This was a day with a lot for the NonBipolars

So let’s bring it back to the Bipolars

The People Like Us

my people

I’m going to leave you with this song…..

Perfect for us in so many ways

My one complaint is…

wHAT Exactly is YOUR revolution Kelly?

I know what mine is!

But I think I’m a little too early for it

that’s okay

I’m happy to fight stigma until we get there.


What is up with music videos these days? Sheesh.  Does anybody remember the old days when they were just a bunch of dancing around…”Bye Bye Bye” anybody..”Hit Me Baby One More Time”…..does everybody know exactly how old I am now?

Whatever..just pretend I’m Kelly singing this to you

although I cannot sing for shit

but lip syncing is one of my gifts

as is rambling………


People Like Us

We Gotta Stick Together

Bipolar Together




p.s. I’m going to try to take breaks over the weekends.  That is my little idea.  I need balance in my life (ahahahahahahahahahaha)

but no really…….

if you see me post you can yell at me

(in a kind sensitive fashion)

I’ll see you all on Monday

You better be here when I get back!


Peace out

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