3 Small Ways to Fight Discrimination Against the Mentally Ill


What we can we do?

Here are Three Small But Powerful Ways to Make A Difference for All of Us

  1. Participate in the online community in order to break the Stigma we place on ourselves and each other.

We are all realizing that we aren’t the isolated freak of nature we may have initially thought…but that we are part of a vibrant, dynamic, creative, determined, courageous community

We place a lot of stigma on OURSELVES and on each other

Stigma exists IN OUR OWN HEADS

A big goal of this Blog is to try to lessen that Stigma…

The stigma in your head

the stigma you have placed onto your self

the stigma that clouds your view of yourself

and a lot of the Stigma we throw at each other…

often times subconsciously

And while “ending” stigma in the general population seems nearly impossible…

ending the stigma in our heads and in our community seems like a tough fight but one that could definitely see a lot of forward movement…

and indeed has seen a lot of forward movement thanks to the efforts of countless individuals and organizations.


       2. Educate our Loved Ones (by getting them to read blogs like this 🙂 )         and encourage them to realize that they need to be a part of this too.

I think we can make tremendous strides in lessening the Stigma in the minds of our Loved Ones…

Just as there is a community of the Mentally Ill

There is also a community of the Loved Ones and Friends and Family of the Mentally Ill

This is the community that I would love to see STEP UP


way more

Because we can’t do this on our own.

We need “normal people” on the outside of our community to raise their voices and say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.  TOO

Because after all…our voices are drowned out by Stigma

Theirs are not



3. Become Empowered in your Own Care

One of the huge ways we can start this ball rolling…

is by becoming empowered (another huge goal of this blog)….

Taking back the rights to our own Bipolar

refusing to be pushed around

asking questions

demanding respect

getting second opinions

none of that can be done without risks…

Psychiatrists can “fire” you…

They can give you more diagnoses to explain your unruly behavior

They can code you manic or depressed when you are not

They can tell you you need to be hospitalized because you tell the receptionist you need help and it is the Doctors job to help you….

all true stories

And God Knows what they will write down in your records….

But little steps forward

in our own minds

in our own hearts

in our own community

every small act of bravery matters

We can say…

I am NOT taking Psychiatry lying down

I will have a voice in my care

I will ask questions about my treatment

Psychiatry is something that should work FOR ME

Psychiatry is not something that should be DONE TO ME

imagine if we all started doing this………….


Right now the movement is….

in our community

and in our Loved Ones




But most of All

it is in Our Own Heads



Add Yours
  1. dyane

    It really helped me to read this today, Claya! We need to feel empowered SO MUCH – everyone does, and you’re giving us solid ways in which to achieve a greater goal while helping ourselves individually….


    Liked by 1 person

  2. darie73

    This post came at a perfect time. My father was arguing with me today that it wasn’t Bipolar Disorder but my self esteem issues making me act the way I do. I told him if he read the other blogs on here he would see a pattern. That my “behavior” is fairly typical for someone with Bipolar Disorder. I can’t force anyone to understand or listen I can only try. If they refuse I have to let it go. The problem is with them. I can’t keep banging my head against the same wall.


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