200 Things you don’t Know About Me but wish you did-A behind the scenes look at the Crazy

I hit my 200th post y’all!

and I was trying to think of something weird and festive to do and I was wracking my brain and I was like this is stupid just go to sleep and then I was like no I hate going to sleep and then I was like HEY let’s write one of those Number things posts people love…and I was like hell yeah let’s go stream that conscious…

and here ya go!

20 Things you don’t know About me but wish you did

  1. ummmmm I hate green tea.  Like really hate it.  I’ve tried to like it.  I can’t.
  2. Hate brown rice too.  Admit it.  It tastes bad.
  3. I often use hand sanitizer after I wash my hands.
  4. I count to 20 when I wash my hands.
  5. I will never ever share a drink or chapstick with someone I didn’t marry or give birth to.  I don’t want your meningitis.
  6. I am always the person who pushes the door that says pull.
  7. I graduated suma cum laude even though people think I’m a dip shit
  8. I’m kind of a dip shit
  9. I usually can’t watch movies because I get bored no matter what…they are soo long
  10. When I’m manic lots of time I can’t read…insert sad face here.
  11. I write these posts in one take streams.  I hate revising.
  12. I’ve never seen any of those Real House Wives shows.
  13. I do watch Sister Wives however. Robyn’s the best.
  14. I never swear in front of my parents. For realz
  15. I am always late.
  16. I love kombucha because it tastes like girly beer.
  17. I hate beer.
  18. hmmmm what else…I can juggle…no I can’t…um…I used to be afraid of Gorillas but now I think they are amazing.
  19. I know all of the words to I’ve Just Seen A Face by the Beatles…and I can sing it fast with them ………….haditbeenanothadayimighthavelookedtheothaway…
  20. I can also rock me some Betty Botter Bought Some Butter….no joke…I nail that shit every time.


Yay! 20 things! Now you know ALL about me.

Peace Love and Posts



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  1. darie73

    When I saw 200 things you don’t know about me I was excited for you. I thought “she must live a very exciting life!” I admit to some feelings of jealousy. Then I was relieved when it was actually 20! I can’t even think of 10 interesting things about myself let alone 200 or 20! I love it! Now I’m inspired to actually think of some things about myself maybe it will help get me out my funk. I might have to call other people because my memory is shot. lol Congrats on the 200 posts they are all gems!! P.S. I used to love beer but it didn’t love me! I didn’t know I had Celiac Disease when I was drinking so I was poisoning myself and having violent hangovers that would last for 3 to 5 days! So glad I’m sober!


    • bipolarfirst

      Thanks!!! and go you for being sober.

      Ha I never really intended to do 200 and I was like hmm I should change that or people will be like Holy shit I ain’t reading that it will be excruciatingly long.


      • darie73

        I would read it! Lists like that are just right for my attention span. Plus I like learning things about people. 2 things about me, I love peanut butter but hate peanuts. I won’t eat peas but I like pea soup. Not that interesting but quirky. lol


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