Depression isn’t sad-Depression is Losing EVERYTHING

depression is not sad

depression is not just a stream of negative thoughts

depression is not just waging a battle against the destructive thought intrusions and voices.

Imagine your heart is a ball of light…

now imagine a hideous black Voldemortesque snake wrapping itself around your heart…

demonically hissing

around and around

squeezing tight

getting heavier and heavier

an unbearable weight

and the light is disappearing


and you stand with this

taking a moment with closed eyes

to try to breath

try to find your “center”

but it is gone…you’re gone





all around the world still exists

the floor floats under your bare feet

the whir of household machines

the hum of other people’s activities

the air on your skin

but it all feels so far away

you are not there anymore




and the daily work of human life surrounds you still

piles of bills

sinks full of dishes

emails to respond to

phone calls to make

people to smile at

but it all is impossible

it all belongs to a space and time

that you no longer have access to





because inside

you are losing your connection

to your soul





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