Let’s Talk About Sex

“Let our bipolar network stand together and shout from the mountain tops that we WILL be heard. That we are not monsters, or sluts, or weirdo’s. We are strong, beautiful, resilient, and we will continue to resist the stigma and the stereotypes placed on us because we have been “othered” by our mental health status.”


I’m on my feet…

There has been a lot of talk lately about hyper sexuality. I really appreciate it that Lola has taken us to a next level here by calling attention to the fact that Hypersexuality for Bipolar women can be a huge problem both in terms of our physical safety and our self esteem and identities.

Thank you Lola for continuing the honest conversation about Hypersexuality.

Our Lived Experience

TRIGGER WARNING: I talk about sex, masturbation, hypersexuality, and being molested as a child

This topic has been getting quite a lot of “press” out there in WordPress-land-for-bipolarzzzzzzzz, as well it should be. We bang on about stigma and stereotyping, and how it sucks to be judged in these ways, and the truth of it is………….. “They” don’t get it. “They” don’t understand. Society has painted a picture of how we should conduct ourselves. As women. As men. As mothers. As fathers. As husbands. As wives. And the minute any one of us deviates from these “preferred” ways of BEING, there is judgement. And the judgement happens because we’re taught that our world operates in binaries. Good/bad; right/wrong; man/woman; normal/abnormal; virgin/slut; stud/geek – what the actual FROCK is THAT about? Surely, SURELY, oh beloved brethren and sistren of the world, we know that its simply not that SIMPLE? Nothing…

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