You Can Actually Be Friends with A Bipolar person If you just TRY REALLY HARD



So I was going to be done for the weekend. But I saw this meme thing.  I am sad that she put her name on it.  I am sure she is lovely and probably didn’t mean it the way we (my friend and I) took it but….it just brings up something that needs to be talked about…..

I tried to move on.  Tried to forget it. But I couldn’t hold it back……

does that surprise anyone (if it does than you are new here…stick around)



It’s “possible” ?????????

excuse me

because everyone thinks it is IMpossible?


How crazy is that a person can actually be FRIENDS with a Bipolar person?????

Can you even believe that people with Bipolar Disorder can have FRIENDS?????


mind is blown


That’s right!

We Bipolars can have friends…

we can also put on underwear and eat with a fork and a knife

and get this…

sometimes we even say please and thank you

it is AS IF we are just people too

people with a difference


and how about the fact that lots of Bipolars aren’t even OUT to their close friends

yep World it is SO possible to be friends with a Bipolar person…



they’re all scared now…

trying to see if they can peel off their friends’ “normal person” masks to see if they can reveal the grotesque creature underneath…

the Bipolar person


And YEAH if you are willing to take on a

CHARITY CASE….then it is possible to be friends with a Bipolar Person

but be prepared to WORK


you know what?

It isn’t EASY to have a relationship with ANYONE

I have fantastic wonderful amazing friends and ya know what…

Our friendships are not actually ALL about them helping ME

yeah I know it is true

I actually help THEM, listen to THEM, support THEM

I’ve listened to them vent and cry

I’ve stayed up late on the phone with them when they needed it

I’ve held them

I’ve sat with them

and I’ve been understanding

yeah ME, a Bipolar CHick, I pulled all that off


and you know what

yeah (every long once in awhile ha) I have to drag out my PATIENCE for them

that is what a relationship IS

you don’t get to be close to another person without using patience and understanding.

that goes for EVERYONE

and ALL close relationships would be pretty IMPOSSIBLE without some patience and understanding.

That is just HOW IT WORKS

Bipolars aren’t a special case because we require patience and understanding

that is what HUMANS require


A friend reminded me again of the Angelina Jolie from Girl Interrupted Issue…

normies see meme things like this and they think….

“Wow so with enough patience and understanding…you can actually be best friends with Angelina Jolie from Girl interrupted????!!!!”

and then they could think

“Now who would want to do that???”



guess where I found this little pic

I can’t even tell you…

it is too much…

okay fine I’ll tell you

I found this in an article about busting the myths surrounding Bipolar Disorder

uh huh

I generally ignore those things having read thousands of them and honestly there is never anything new (pardon me I’m cranky. Blame STIGMA)

but for some reason I clicked it

it was a very nice article

but I just couldn’t get past this


Stigma is SO STRONG that it rears its head in sheep clothing in articles which believe themselves to be BUSTING STIGMA


Holy shit guys

This is our world


I’m starting a new blog I don’t think I can handle this stuff anymore!


So off you go everyone….

go thank your friends for putting up with your shit

just make sure they thank you for putting up with THEIRS


The End





Add Yours
  1. Jess Melancholia

    What the fuck are they pointing at! A bipolar person?!? It’s like they are saying something along the lines of, “With a little hope…and a tiny bit of magic…you too can love a bipolar!”

    That’s what that translates to. God. Fuck.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kimkasualty

    No one can really compare the girl interrupted characters, pretty sure Angelina Jolies character had antisocial personality disorder not Bipolar, plus the main character was Borderline. Can’t say I recall anyone being Bipolar in that film.


    • bipolarfirst

      Yes I know. That shows the ignorance of it all. I often joke that I feel like people except Bipolar to look like something really “crazy” like something like Angelina Jolie from Girl Interrupted and yes she isn’t even Bipolar in that but people just have such a skewed view of us. It just doesn’t occur to them that “normal” looking moms in the carpool lane could be something as scary as Bipolar….ugh

      Liked by 1 person

  3. kimkasualty

    Plus, I knew plenty of people with Bipolar who had a fair few friends, if anything they were slightly better then normies as they were able to empathise and be a lot more understanding. It’s people like me with Borderline that that meme should’ve been aimed at (not that I’m saying that the meme should exist at all) because one of the factors is intense and stormy relationships. Not saying it’s right either, fuck this meme

    Liked by 1 person

  4. nowIgetit

    haha I just saw this…I’ll just publicly say I have a lot of good friends, many I’ve been friends with for ten years or more (since I moved here) and not a single one knows I have bipolar. my husband is the only person that knows. and my sister. this meme is ridiculous.


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