“I just want to BE OK today”

I just want to be ok be ok be ok be ok

I just want to feel something

leave me alone with my broken self

I just want to know that I might be ok



This song is like a Bipolar plea

Bipolar muttering…i just wanna be ok ok okokokokokokokok



And who doesn’t love a cheery song about being all depressed and messed up

this is on my morning depressed time mix



I’m supposed to be on my weekend break.

If you see me back here say “CLOSE IT UP AND OBEY YOUR DAMN SELF”

I rebel against my own authority

Have a great weekend

I hope you get some Okay moments…

or as my friend and I say…

I hope you have a Bipolar Okay day!

because sometimes telling a Bipolar to have a good day is like telling them to go get Orlando Bloom to sign their arm.


Add Yours
  1. dyane

    Your posts are, to quote one of my fave authors, JUICY and SUCCULENT even when you’re writing about not-so-awesome stuff. I’m supposed to be taking a weekend break too, ha ha! But I’m stoked to see you here and you kept it brief – and “brevity is the soul of wit” or something like that.
    Thanks for your lovely Twitter direct message too – I’ll w/b there….manana.
    Lots of love, hugs, and understanding…….
    or Fryane

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sandracharrondotcom

    We have okay days?…sorry I’m being a smart ass. I’ve been having med troubles. Latuda hates me. I’m going to catch up on some of your other posts. I miss you.


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