Dear Doc! I’m Not Your Patient unless you take my insurance

Hey Doctor!

You don’t get to call me your Patient

Unless you’re going to take my Health Insurance

If you want me to take Money OUT OF MY POCKET and put it in YOUR HAND


I am your CLIENT

I am paying you for a service

Case closed

If you want to have real Patients

Then step up and accept Health insurance


Be like the real doctors

not like the new age alternative healers


What’s that you say?

You won’t make enough money?

Oh and…

It’s too much confusing paperwork for you?

Oh shoot I’m so sorry….but people are sick and dying and languishing in this system with No Care

People are in crisis waiting to be seen

People are waiting forever to see a doctor who takes their insurance only to find out that that Doctor is NOT COOL OR COMPETENT

People are unable to find a doctor who takes their insurance

People finally find a good or relevant provider only to learn that they DON’T TAKE INSURANCE

People are waiting forever at the ER and then walking away with NOTHING

Your CLIENTS who Need to see you are Not coming in because they Can’t Afford To!

And BY all means it makes sense to make the people struggling with the illness go through the confusing Paperwork!

“You’re brain is so messed up I am going to drown you in these pills…here’s your statement! Have fun submitting it and trying to get any of your money back!”



Even Chiropractors will SUBMIT the paperwork for patients if they can’t participate with the Insurance Companies….

But you’re not a Chiropractor

You CAN participate

People think you are legit

Insurance companies WILL pay for psychiatric treatment or therapy

YOU are the one messing it up for us

I know that you aren’t necessarily given the same treatment by insurance companies as all the other real doctors but maybe you could start SOMEWHERE

I know everybody has to make a living but COME ON

Is it really THAT BAD????

If you accepted insurance would you like have to go on welfare?

I have been to some psychiatrists that take insurance…

And guess what…they eat and wear nice clothes and drive nice cars and I’m pretty sure they live in houses

For real

What are you in this helping profession for anyway?

What made you go into this field?

What were you calculating when you were crunching your numbers trying to decide whether or not to take insurance…?

Were you thinking of how many people are trapped in a broken system?

How many people need help?

Did you think about how many of the people in the jails have mental illnesses and have fallen through the cracks….(the huge gaping cracks)?

Did you consider the number of people who are homeless on the street because they are mentally ill and can’t get access to care?

Were you thinking about the suicide rates?

Did you actually think that the only people who really need help are the people with hundreds and hundreds of dollars in their pockets?

Oh please

You know better than that








People are dying

And guess WHAT




If you’re in this field and you care then Speak up and Start saying things and do what is Right.

nobody is going to listen to us…the mentally ill…

we need you guys…the doctors, the workers in the field, and our friends and loved ones to stand up, step up, and speak up.

for us.


Thanksamill! 🙂


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      • Jess Melancholia

        Wow. That was good. My favorite line is :
        “We who are judged for resisting or hesitating or being afraid of taking medication by people who have never had to put this shit into their own bodies.”
        …damn. Ain’t it true. You should talk more about this.


      • Jess Melancholia

        Just did. Yeah I hate that about my pdoc. She keeps looking at me funny when I tell her that I hate Wellbutrin. She keeps insisting that it helped get rid of the depression. No shit! It made me manic! I hate that shit. I’ll never take it again. But she has tried a total of 3 pills on me (Lamictal, Klonopin, and Wellbutrin) and insists that I have no more options left. The Latuda came from a second opinion and I thank God for that. At least I’m not suicidal anymore and I can get out of bed. But I’m so anxious and irritable still. Still slightly depressed. Feeling worthless but not enough to end my life. Some days are better than others. But I’m still depressed. And she shakes her head like “We are out of options.” Bullshit. I obviously don’t want the ones with horrible side effects but then I don’t want to suffer like this day in and day out. The depression won’t go away. Maybe I need to ride the cycle out but God this is just not the way I want to live my life. Can I just have some ACTUAL stability??!?! Not a stable-slowly-headed-towards-mania.


  1. lolabipola

    Did you know that the APA Code of Ethics/Conduct for Psychologists insists that they (psychologists) do some pro bono work? True story. I wonder how many do?


  2. linda

    You hit the nail right on the head…..I mean, really! They got us, right where they want us to be. No resources, just desperate for help.

    I hope you did find some one. My Dr. at least takes a sliding scale rate. Which is pretty cool. Sixty bucks for 30 mins. Not a minute more.


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