Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Life I Learned from Bipolar Disorder

Life can change on you in an instant….Nobody is going to Fight for you but You….You never know what a person is struggling with inside so be nice….Sometimes you just get screwed and it isn’t your fault….It is okay to say No to things that stress you….Balance is a nice idea that is hard to execute….Every moment of good matters….It isn’t fair….forget about Shame….there is real magic in the world….Some people’s knee jerk reaction is cruelty….You are stronger than you can imagine….some of the most beautiful words in the English language are “me too”….Don’t under estimate the amount of compassion people can have for each other….Yes other people have it worse than you but that doesn’t mean you aren’t in pain….Just because no one listens to you doesn’t mean you should stop speaking up….Honesty is more helpful than positive thinking….Never underestimate the impact you can have on someone else’s life….You will always remember your darkest day….It only matters what other people think on one plane of existence….Everything you have is fleeting….All that matters is loving and being loved, there is no other success….Nobody wants your advice unless you’ve been in their shoes, and even then proceed with caution….Reflect….Don’t listen to the voices that aren’t you….True love exists….When you think you are at your bottom remember that there is always farther to fall….Let people help you….Being Vulnerable makes you tough….You are probably being strong even when you feel like you are weak….You are probably fighting hard even when you feel like you are failing….The only people who matter are the ones who stand by who you really are….You don’t need to share your true self with everyone….The world can be a dark evil place….A sense of humor can save you….Not everyone wants to understand….There may be more Bad in the world but the Good is so much stronger….Nothing is either or….Don’t trust people who act like things are clear cut and simple….You can either stand up for yourself or be run over….Ask for Help….Life is precious….If you’ve been blessed help others….Forgive yourself much as you can….Nobody else can tell you who you are….There are all kinds of acts of courage….There is probably more to you than you will ever know….It is possible to not want to exist but not want to die….It is possible for contradictory ideas to exist at the same time….the real you is not of matter….bravery….there is always more….transform….the only solid thing in the world is the tiny golden pulsing ball of light deep within your soul….sometimes you have to throw something….never underestimate the healing power of a friend who shares your “illness”….a quiet content heart is sacrosanct….when in doubt write it out….the people who think they know are not always right….find your tribe….protect your health with everything you have….Don’t let other people tell you who you are….


Add Yours
  1. darie73

    Thank you for this. Quite a few things stand out for me that I need to remember. I left the house for the first time in a week yesterday. I was over stimulated and felt like I was talking too much at the store even though no one said anything or walked away I still sat in my car and cried. Then I thought I can’t win. I get things said to me when I’m “depressed” for too long and when I’m “too happy”. So I’m going to be whoever I am that day. If someone doesn’t like it that’s their problem, not mine anymore.


  2. Leslie

    I printed this post. One copy for me and one copy for my therapist. I think that you’ve put a lot of really important things in here and I just love love love this post.


  3. meagenm

    This has me thinking about the things I’ve learned from bipolar. What an intriguing idea! Thank you for helping me have more compassion for myself and feel more encouraged today.


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