I started A New Blog!


this has nothing to do with BipolarFirst

I will never leave this blog.  I love it.  I love everything about it.  Except how wordpress has made it harder to hyperlink within your post and the preview and publish buttons are WAY too close together for comfort but whatever you get what I’m saying

but here’s the thing…every so once in awhile I have a thought that is NOT about Bipolar

does this shock the billie jeans out of you?

because it is true

sometimes I wanna talk about shit other than Bipolar

and I get all silly and random or deep and philosophical about something not Bipolar related and I feel like putting the pen to paper and watching the weird bleed onto the screen…..

but i don’t want those other thoughts to be canoodling with my Bipolar thoughts. I didn’t even like talking about my eating disorder on here.

It is very important to me that BipolarFirst remain purely Bipolar

maybe it will be too weird to have two sites and I will change my mind but for now I’m going to try it like this.

and I can’t really promise you anything about the other site because I don’t really know what I am doing and I’m not even hypomanic

but that’s the FUN people

who the hell KNOWS

but it will just be me talking like i do deep random silly…about shit that isn’t Bipolar

if you only like me for my Bipolar now is when we will all find out

but if you are curious about my expert parenting advice and best slow cooker casserole recipes..jkjkjkjk you know I won’t do that to you!…..

so nevermind that

if you’re curious what else i could possibly have to say than please check it out.

There isn’t much there right now.  keeping it simple

and I will warn you…i feel deep and quiet these days………..

although my inaugural post was about Bumper Stickers.


you never know with me

so without further ado

click HERE to go to my new site (that means click on the word here if this is new for you)


Peace Love and Writing Random Shit On The Internet



Add Yours
  1. Tessa

    I tried separating and my critics preferred them together although my stories still have their own blog. Don’t worry about others. Worry about how you feel updating 2 blogs. I still have 2 and wild and crazy times. LOL!


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