I want to Hold Hands With the Silence in My Head

Guys I saw this and thought it was amazing! You will Love it! (hehehehehe)

Claya Caper is Differently Ordered

it is the season of introspection

of purity


the season of dumping the ego at the door

of thinking about what is actually essential in your life

and what are the distractions

the noise

the unseen obstacles

and I know it is not true everywhere in the world

but for me this season always comes in the dead of winter

when everything is cold

and seemingly dead

a symbolic sort of thing for the depression that has plagued me all of my life

and during these cold dead times there is a sort of turning in on oneself

almost for survival and yet it is an inward turning that can lead to transformation and transcendence

and with the cold and the bare and the white of winter..

comes a kind of purity

a purity

starkly contrasting the noise and color of our modern human world

the hush

the still…

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