This Shit Can Kill Us

I am aware that this is a very “bipolar” Bipolar blog (I’m allowed to say that because I am Bipolar)

what I mean is that I know that one minute I’m calling it not a disorder and then I’m using words like illness and disorder

and I know I go on about missing mania and talking about gifts and blessings of this

and the fun

but I also talk about the deep hell of it

and yeah just everything


and right now…though my “mood” is fine…I find myself holding the reality


this shit can kill us

that it does kill some of us

that it destroys stuff

that it is a big fucking deal

and it makes me really sad

and i don’t want to get all religious but i don’t know another way to say something like

god bless every single one of you

like really and truly

really really really and truly truly truly

i’m just sitting here staring at the screen with my head in my hands

no words




Add Yours
  1. Andy Smart

    Yes this shit really does take us to the f*cking cleaners. I lost 2 best mates that suffered from depression one deffo bi-polar. They were two of three brothers. I have a mate in the UK that continually battles the big D. Honestly I don’t know how he does it but he’s back in there every day swinging back. I listen to and soak up your words >> oh, and thanks for your blessings mate. Have a chilled out and don’t give a f*ck Sunday.


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